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Relevant publications from our staff

Lukas H. Meyer:

Timothy Waligore:

Santiago Damian Truccone Borgogno:

  • "Climate Justice and the Duty of Restitution", Moral Philosophy and Politics, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/mopp-2021-0071 (2022)
  • “Responding to historical injustices: collective inheritance and the moral irrelevance of group identity”, European Journal of Political Theory, Early view: 1-20 DOI:  https://doi.org/10.1177/14748851221100094 (2022)
  • "The Supersession Thesis, Climate Change, and the Rights of Future People" in Superseding historical injustice? New critical assessments, Special Issue edited by Lukas H. Meyer and Timothy Waligore, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (CRISPP), 25(3): 364-379. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/13698230.2022.2039546 (2022)
  • La Conquista del Desierto, Confianza y el Principio de Proximidad (The Conquest of the Desert, Trust, and the Proximity Principle). In: Análisis Filosófico 41 (1): 7-36. (2021)​
  • Injusticia Histórica (Historical Injustices) In: Carlos Pereda Failache (ed.): Diccionario de Injusticias. Siglo XXI. (forthcoming)
  • Experimentos Mentales y el Rol de la Historia (Thought Experiments and the Role of History) In: Guillermo Lariguet, Nicolás Alles (eds.): Ética Filosófica. Debates Metaéticos Actuales. Editorial Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and Editorial Brujas. (forthcoming)
  • Pueblos indígenas, injusticias históricas y presentes: entrevista a Timothy Waligore [Indigenous Peoples, Historical and Present Injustices: Interview with Timothy Waligore]. In: Prometeica - Revista de Filosofía y Ciencias. With Timothy Waligore, Romina Rekers. (2019)
  • Presentación de Dossier: Política y Derecho Indígena (Indigenous policy and law). In: Administración Pública Y Sociedad (APyS) 8: 94–96. With Cecilia Carrizo, María Lucca-Caovilla, Hanne Cottyn, Querashe Felix Diaz. (2019)

Project Offices

Doctoral Candidates and Post-Doc

Santiago Truccone Borgogno
Timothy Waligore

Student Project Assistants

Patricia Hodajeu
Katharina Hiebaum

Project Management


Kanita Kovacevic

Institut für Philosophie

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